An American in Switzerland – Day Three

Exploring Winterthur… So, my first day on my own, and I accidentally overslept. Heath left for class, and I just zonked back out until 10:00 AM local time, missing the free breakfast. I showered and dressed, and spent the morning wandering around the town center in Winterthur. I checked out shops and even stopped in a local Body Shop for Shea Body Butter (I didn’t realize how wussy the lotion I’d brought with me was).

For lunch I grabbed a vegetarian falafel sandwich from a street vendor near the train station, and ate about half of it before I returned to the hotel room. I rested for a bit, enjoying the time alone to catch my breath. Later that afternoon I checked out a small photo art gallery – people here really love their cows…

For dinner, we met up with the English coworker again (sans wife), as well as another coworker from Taiwan and his wife. We went to a really neat local restaurant in Winterthur that I can’t remember the name of, but it has some history behind it. The dining room is on the second floor, and is all plaster and exposed beam – very pretty. We all had salad and soup and Rosti. There are many different ways to make a rosti, and Heath and I shared one with Appenzeller cheese, macaroni, and potatoes (of course), onions, and perhaps one or two other ingredients. It was totally full of calories, but totally delicious! I had a type of dessert that I can’t remember the name of, but I think it means combo (I’ve seen the word on other dessert menus): apple ice cream, cinnamon ice cream, hot cooked apples, and calvados apple liquor splashed on top. My eyes were too big for my stomach, and I couldn’t finish it all, much to Heath’s chagrin (it was a 14 franc dessert).

A short walk, and we were back to our hotel for the night.


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