An American in Switzerland – Day Ten

Well, our adventure was nearly at an end. We did a ton of traveling on Sunday, and would be doing even more on Monday. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:30 AM from Zurich, and we would be arriving home in Houston at 6:30 PM on the same day. Cool, huh? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was truly only 8 hours? Newp, we just flew with the daylight this time, and we had roughly 15 hours of travel. And it was a bad, bad, travel experience… most of it I’ve cut from my public blog here.

The day started way too early, with us oversleeping, and rushing around trying to get every thing packed and ready in time to catch our shuttle ride. Luckily, Heath was able to get the kind shuttle driver to wait a few extra minutes while I scrambled around the room making sure the last few things were taken care of.

While we were waiting in line to check our bags, we had a lovely conversation with a very young ballerina who was traveling home to South Carolina for vacation. We never caught her name, but she was very sweet. The desk attendants were kind enough to let us repack our bags so that we could redistribute our wine bottles to avoid paying a fine for any one of our bags being too heavy.

We went through customs again, and finally got a stamp in our passports (they didn’t stamp them on the way in, and apparently don’t do it any more in most countries unless you ask).

Our flight over the Atlantic was noisy and mostly too bright to sleep. Lots of passengers, despite pleadings from the flight staff, were up and about chatting with each other. At one point later in the flight most people were attempting to sleep, when this super annoying three year old child was running up and down the aisle on my side, brushing people as he went past. I was cranky, and furious, but couldn’t seem to flag down a flight attendant (I hate pushing the button, so I didn’t), and evil glares to the parents and the child did nothing. When I finally snagged a flight attendant she said that there was nothing she could do. WTF!??!

Our decent into Newark was very very long, and we were circling forever. We heard the landing gear go in and out several times. We finally had a very scary bumpy landing (almost as bad as the one I’d had from Las Vegas to Corpus Christi last year). I was never so glad to get on the ground.

The last leg of the trip we were both ancy. We arrived in Houston without further incident, however, and had to wait far longer than expected for Sharon to pick us up. I started to get slaphappy and the lack of sleep was making me chatter on uncontrollably. When Sharon finally pulled up, however, it was a relief. She had my wee Rosie with her, and all I could do was stand next to the car with Rosie while Sharon and Heath loaded it, letting myself be licked allllll over my face.

We got home, and Sharon, knowing we needed downtime, didn’t stay to chat. We heated a frozen pizza, and to keep awake, I started unpacking. We managed to stay awake until 9PM.

I dragged myself to work the next day, while Heath got to have the day off. He went and picked up our other baby, Jake. And that’s about it!


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