Day 1: Travel: Ronald Regan is alive and living in Boston

There’s an older gentleman about 50 yards from where I’m sitting, and I swear he could be Ronald Regan’s younger twin. Odd. This is the beginning of my travelogue of our honeymoon trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England.

The day is not yet done, but this will probably be my best chance of writing in the travelogue today. By the time we’re done with our initial trek, we will have been traveling by car, plane, and/or sitting in airports for about 24 hours. So far, we’ve gone from Houston to Dallas to Boston (where we’re currently sitting) and still have to take the long hop to Manchester in England. While we’re quite thankful for my father’s donation of his frequent flyer miles, it leaves us unfortunately at the mercy of the airline, thus, the many hops.

Did I mention that I am an anxious flyer? Its mostly the take-offs and any turbulence that cause me to go white knuckled. Heath has taken to holding my arm, instead of letting me grip his hand, lest I break it (I did accidentally make his hand turn purple once…). After our three flights to get us across the ocean, we’ll be taking one to Dublin and one from Dublin to Manchester during our vacation. Heath was in charge of all transportation, and found that trains and ferries were surprisingly far more expensive and took far longer than an airplane ride. So, we’re renting a car on each island and taking quick flights back and forth (with only one exception to the no-train, no-ferry rule).

I apologize to any Bostonians who may eventually be reading this, but your airport stinks. It’s hot, stuffy, and unless we wish to traverse through security, we’re trapped in our current terminal for over two hours. Unfortunately, we don’t have any friends who live in Boston, so we’re stuck here to amuse ourselves. There are only a handful of eateries, and the only decent-looking one was packed with no empty seats (not that we’re hungry yet, but still…). We’ve already walked the length of the terminal and back. Boooooooooorrrring! Heath just left to check out the only book stop – I’m sure he won’t be gone long because it was tiiiiiny.

Once the staff arrive at the gate, I’m going to attempt to butter them up for an upgrade to first class on account that it is our honeymoon. Heath is positive that it won’t work, but when we went on our mini-break right after the wedding, we got an upgrade on our room at the Tremont Hotel in Galveston just by saying we were on our honeymoon.

Bleh. I’m so bored. Even bored with this entry. Will update tomorrow from Manchester.


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