Day 13 – Edinburgh to Scarborough and In-between

Another yummy breakfast and delightful conversation with our hostess (or her twin) and then we packed up and headed out, intending to go to Edinburgh Crystal, having seen a nice brochure in the B&B.

We drove and we drove, and drove through some horrific sheep stench, but no Edinburgh Crystal to be found. Not even a single sign. We finally stopped at a gas station, where we learned that the factory had shut down several years ago! Bah! Back through the horrific stench we went.

One of the signs we did see while we were wandering around was for Rosslyn Chapel. It wasn’t on our original itinerary, but only because I’d forgotten about it for some reason. Luckily it was also on our way to our next stop.

It was definitely worth the side-trip. Rosslyn Chapel is GORGEOUS! It is fascinating because of the history around it, and also because of the sheer zaniness of the masonry. We’re lucky to have the pictures that we have because we found out recently that they no longer allow you to take pictures inside anymore. While we were there, we bought a cast of one of the Green Man carvings that are in the chapel.

We got on the road in earnest, and somehow missed Hadrian’s Wall, which was disappointing. We stopped at the border to stretch for a bit, where a huge boulder marks the divide, with England stamped on one side and Scotland on the other. We of course got a picture of Heath standing under the side stamped with Scotland.

We continued southwards through the English countryside. It was a really gorgeous drive. Though, we saw more sheep in those few hours than we’d seen all our lives… that was a little odd.

And why do B&B owners never know their own area? Not only did it take a lot of wandering in the town of Scarborough to get to the B&B, but we couldn’t find any of the restaurants that the host mentioned. Our room was one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen, the bathroom was disgusting, but on the upside had a partial view of Scarborough castle from our window, and the sea. The owners were also creepy, asking for payment the minute we walked in the door, which no other B&B owner had done thus far.

We left the B&B and walked around for a bit and found dinner at a lovely Italian place (no thanks to the B&B owner). The owner of the restaurant was extremely friendly and chatted with us while we waited for our table. Heath saw an item on the menu that had sausage in it, and he asked how fresh it was. The owner’s expression fell slightly and he said, “well, we have it flown in.” I raised my eyebrows. He added “…from Milan.” OH! No problem at all for us! Heath ordered that dish, and even asked for a second sausage, because they were rather small (that’s what started the sausage conversation, actually), and it was some of the best Italian sausage we’d ever had.

After dinner we had a nice quiet walk back to the B&B and didn’t see a sign of the owners or any other occupants as we went back to the room.

Pictures of our time at Rosslyn Chapel can be found here.


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