Swiss National Day

… is actually tomorrow, but the fireworks have already started. From what I understand, fireworks are actually illegal in the city limits, but a blind eye is turned around Swiss National Day. Supposedly we’re in for a loud 24-48 hours or so. I will raise hell if the baby gets woken up, though, even though I know hardly any German. We’re really struggling to get him on a regular sleep schedule.

Otherwise, it seems like we’ll just be enjoying a day off tomorrow. Might go see fireworks up in Schaffhausen. I also have to make a quick run to the store today after I’m finished with laundry because all the shops will be closed tomorrow, and on Saturday we’re going to go to a Highland Games Festival. Oh yes, and pretty much all the shops are closed on Sundays. I don’t have enough dish soap to last me until Monday, and I’d like to snag a few more special National Day bread cakes, too!


Communicating with us

If you are reading this, and you are a friend or family member, you can send us an email, of course, but you can also see and/or hear us for FREE over the internet. We use Yahoo Instant Messenger, which you can download here: Just email us if you want our user names.

And if you don’t have a webcam or microphone, don’t worry! We can still chat with you directly, and if you have speakers, you will be able to hear us. You don’t need any special software other than Yahoo Messenger to view our webcam.

So drop us a line any way you know how. I’m not publishing our email addresses in this blog because it is a public post, and if you are a friend or family member, you already should have at least one of our email addresses. 🙂

les alps…

Did I mention that on clear days we can see the Alps in the distance from our balcony?

looking south from our balcony on a very clear day

looking south from our balcony on a very clear day

It isn’t the greatest shot in the world, but you can definitely see some of the snow, and the peaks themselves. Well, some of the Alps, at any rate. The closest ones to us that you see here are about two hours away by train. Click on the picture to get a larger view.


I admit that I’ve had some trouble adjusting. By the state of this travelogue, I’ve obviously been trying to keep any mournful thoughts at bay by keeping as busy as possible. Yes, I’ve of course had bouts of loneliness, homesickness… but what has surprised me most as the strange moments that a wave of it will appear.

For instance, tonight we had one of Heath’s lovely coworkers who arranged everything in our flat for us (even groceries) over for dinner. We somehow landed on the topic of losing precious things while travelling. I recounted my loss of a very special scarf on my previous trip to Switzerland. The scarf had been made for me by my maid of honor, and had significance not only for that but because of memories of a road trip we’d taken shortly after she completed a matching hat and scarf set for the both of us.

Back to this evening – in the middle of telling my story, I started to choke up a bit – not by the memory of the loss of the scarf, but because I miss my friend. It was completely unexpected, and I caught myself before actually leaking a tear.

(My maid of honor has since made me a replacement scarf, fyi – I will be quite toasty this winter).

New Experiences aren’t always good

On an unconsulted lark, my husband picked up a four-pack of beer that promised to be like Tequila-infused beer that you can get in the US (I actually like one particular kind of those).

Imagine flat Sprite mixed with really cheap beer… at least that’s what it tasted like to me. 😛

I don’t want to know how many francs he wasted on that.