Johannisbeeren and Thurgauer

Ok, so I’ve recently picked up a carton each of Johannisbeeren and Thurgauer fruit. I think the former is a little sour, and the latter has an odd consistency (my husband thinks you can’t eat the fuzzy skin of the Thurgauer). I don’t want them to go to waste and was thinking of making little tarts or something out of them, but I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about what they like to do with them (for those of you who have lived in Europe and have tasted them).


One thought on “Johannisbeeren and Thurgauer

  1. Hi Krys – I came to your site through the expats in Winterthur. The red berries are actually red currants, Johannisbeeren is the German name (Beeren means berries – so Erdbeeren are strawberries, Heidelbeeren are blueberries, Himbeeren are raspberries, and so on). The larger fruit are gooseberries. Thurgau is a region where they grow berries, and things from the region are then called Thurgauer. It very close to here, just the next Canton over. I am not a lover of gooseberries, but I imagine you could Google some recipes! 🙂


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