Already in trouble with the neighbors…

There is a sign-up sheet in the basement outside of the laundry room where you can sign up to do your laundry in advance. I am totally mortified because I started up several loads of laundry, and mis-read today’s date on the calendar. Today was not our laundry day – tomorrow is! As soon as I realized the mistake, I waited until the current load in the washer and dryer were finished and ran downstairs to get the clothes. There was a note on the door that I think is asking for the washing key and something else, but BabelFish can’t make sense of it.

The Swiss are very staunch about following rules, and if you screw up laundry, you’re in big trouble. You also can’t do laundry on Sunday. Or mow your lawn. Or do work on your house. Or do anything other than cook a meal, really. Also, if you are making too much noise on a Sunday, supposedly your neighbors have the right to call the police on you to file a complaint. You won’t get arrested, just fined, though.


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