Switzerland in the Summertime and Laundry

Today is a rainy day. At times I can’t see the hills outside of our window, much less the Alps further south. July is supposedly the warmest and the month with the most rain. Although, unlike Texas, where rain brings nasty humidity, the rain cools everything off significantly. Right now it is about 60 degrees Farenheit.

I found a lovely photo gallery showing life in Switzerland in the summertime.

Today is also laundry day. As is typical in most communal buildings, we share our laundry facility with everyone else. Our building is split up so that there is I believe only six flats per laundry facility, so it isn’t that bad. The problem is, you have to lug your laundry down to the basement and back. On the upside, if it is your day to do laundry, you can hold on to the key to the laundry room, and lock all your stuff up while your laundry is going. Not that I think anyone really would steal anything. The Swiss tend to be very private, very law-abiding citizens.

Another upside is the elevator. This elevator unfortunately doesn’t stop on the ground floor, so I can’t use it to get the stroller up to our apartment (we have to carry the stroller, usually laden with groceries, up half a flight of stairs… or rather, *I* do). But it goes from the landing just outside our door to the basement. Some of you may know elevators like this, but I’d never seen one until I first came to Switzerland. It is very VERY small, and can really only hold two people comfortably, though it says four. You push the button for the elevator, and when it lights up, you open the door like you would any other door, step in, and let the door shut behind you. Then you press your floor button. You have to be smart and keep your hands away from the doors, because there isn’t a safety door protecting you as they move. When you arrive on the floor you want, the doors will unlock, and you can step out. I’ve posted a video of it here.

Speaking of laundry, I’m off to do more before the baby wakes up.


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