Swiss National Day

… is actually tomorrow, but the fireworks have already started. From what I understand, fireworks are actually illegal in the city limits, but a blind eye is turned around Swiss National Day. Supposedly we’re in for a loud 24-48 hours or so. I will raise hell if the baby gets woken up, though, even though I know hardly any German. We’re really struggling to get him on a regular sleep schedule.

Otherwise, it seems like we’ll just be enjoying a day off tomorrow. Might go see fireworks up in Schaffhausen. I also have to make a quick run to the store today after I’m finished with laundry because all the shops will be closed tomorrow, and on Saturday we’re going to go to a Highland Games Festival. Oh yes, and pretty much all the shops are closed on Sundays. I don’t have enough dish soap to last me until Monday, and I’d like to snag a few more special National Day bread cakes, too!


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