Houston – we have a problem!

For those of you watching back home, our son has figured out a “fun” new trick. I sometimes put Eddie in his infant car seat, and put that on the kitchen table while I’m cooking dinner. I attach a few toys to the handle, and voila! occupied baby! He can usually see me in the kitchen, and I can see him. Since the car seat is really stable, I’ve never strapped him in while on the table (of course he’s strapped in very tightly in the car every time).

Today as I was prepping some vegetables, I heard a wiggling and shuffling behind me, but thought he was playing with his learning puppy (thanks, Emily!). As I turned around to throw some pieces of fat I’d just trimmed off some meat, I saw in horror that he’d wiggled to the bottom edge of the seat, and was almost completely on the table! He can’t sit up just yet on his own, so the result would have been a head bonked on the table, and probably the car seat rocking on his forehead. Of course I didn’t want to pick up my child with raw meat on my hands, so I threw the meat down (some of it landing on the floor, ugh), ran my hands under our searing hot tap, and dove to the table just in time.

I thought it was a fluke. I thought I’d seen him sitting rather low in the carrier earlier, so of course he could have wiggled out. This time, I resituated him up as high as possible, gave him back the talking puppy toy, and turned back to the counter to finish up. Not even three minutes later, I heard a grunt, and he was at it AGAIN!

So, no more using the car seat unless he’s strapped all the way in. Sheesh.


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