Whether the weather be cold, whether the weather be hot…

In the last few days we’re starting to see the early signs of fall. There are a few trees with leaves that are hinting a turn to yellow and even some tipped in red. I’ve got to get out and take some pictures this week. Living in Texas, I’ve missed experiencing a true fall season. I remember them from my early childhood in Maryland, and when I was in college in St. Louis, I loved taking walks through the fallen leaves on campus. The nights have been getting chillier, dipping into the 50’s, but we’ve had some really warm days, so I was surprised that the color change would happen so soon. I think the last of the very warm weather is over, though, and I’m excited to start unpacking our sweaters.

Speaking of St. Louis, last week we had a visit from a former resident of there, one of my college pals Heather and her boyfriend Dave. Heather moved to Ireland a few years ago (lucky gal!), and met Dave there. I’d not seen Heather in about three years, when my bff Kirsti and I made a road trip up to St. Louis and we crashed at her house for a few days. I showed them around our quaint little city of Winterthur, and took them to see the Rheinfalls and Schaffhausen. Plans fell through to go to Santis, unfortunately, but there’s always next time! It was a really fun visit to just catch up with her. I’ll post a few pictures soon on Flickr of their visit.

Our next visitors will be friends of ours that we met through performing at a Rennaissance Festival. Their stop-over will be unfortunately brief, as they are plowing through on a European road trip. But it will be great to see them in a few weeks.

This month, I think our major outing will possibly be to visit the city of Bern, west of where we are. There’s the famous bear-pits, and an excellent musuem and a few other things to oggle at. We can get there by train in about two hours, so we’ll likely just go for a day.

Eddie is growing again. I discovered that all but one of his summer hats fit him, and he’s suddenly outgrown about half his pajamas and socks. As if on cue, I hear him now – guess naptime is over! Time to get him up and take a walk down to the local shop for some eggs. Interesting note – all the eggs over here are brown or yellow or orange. I very rarely find white eggs. Doesn’t bother us in the least, though.


One thought on “Whether the weather be cold, whether the weather be hot…

  1. Aren’t eggs normally brown though? I think we only get brown eggs here (though to be honest I’ve never looked for white ones).

    You have such a busy schedule with everyone visiting! I’ve never been to Bern but I heard it’s a lovely place. An ex-colleague of mine is thinking about moving there.


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