It was nice knowing y’all!

At 09:30 CET on 10 September CERN will switch on their large hadron collider. According to some people, starting up this atom smasher may generate a miniature black hole that will tear the planet apart. Numerous legal bids have attempted to stop the experiment, the latest one coming up last week.

This thing is only about three hours or so away from us by train.


5 thoughts on “It was nice knowing y’all!

  1. To be honest i dont believe that we will all die tomorrow because of this “experiment” even if there is a black hole formed, it wont be powerful enough to “destroy” the earth. this is just my opinion.


  2. Dude… don’t start keeping your breath yet!… as on September 10th which is actually today… I mean in a few hours they will only send the first particles circulating through the giant tunnel… and in about 30 days… they will make the first collision tests… and it’s about that time that you should start holding your breath… but if nothing happens… don’t hold it too long… cause they say it will only be by 2010 that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will be at it’s designed performance.

    To tell the truth I am not scared of the black hole… because that would ultimately compress time space… and thus we will be actually trapped in time… so it will be a matter of synchronisation to be locked in time in the “perfect moment”… whatever suits you…

    Actually what scares me more than the possibility of a black hole… is… actually there are two… so the possibilities that scare me are: 1st an expanding universe out of control within out own… destroying everything in it’s path… and 2nd anti matter… or dark matter that might form during the process of particle collision… which in contact with matter (which we all know and love…) results in total Annihilation!

    Anyway… I hope something brakes… and they shut down everything before they even start… and never open it again… a big explosion rendering the machine useless might just do the thing 🙂 any terrorists around wanting to volunteer for the cause? 😀 We might just find some funding too from people that still want to live… (cuz they are filthy rich… and don’t want to loose it all… )… =))

    That being said… I’m going to sleep….


  3. By the way, I read yesterday on a scientific site that those black holes are actually very quickly evaporating black holes and they just want to register what happens when they appear, not keep one as a pet and see how it behaves. 😉


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