Pedestrians in Switzerland

Baby delivered after van killed mom dies
Pregnant woman was hit crossing street; son was born prematurely

Walker has a history of driving offenses and arrests dating to the 1980s; police have said he had his license suspended 20 times. In a court filing, police said the brakes on Walker’s van had deteriorated so badly it was unsafe to drive. Walker has said he tried to avoid hitting Sanz but was unable to stop.

Um… if this dude had his license suspended that many times, why didn’t they just take it away from him PERMANENTLY!!!?!?!?

One interesting thing about Switzerland – if you hit a pedestrian, you instantly loose your license for life (correct me if I’m wrong about this one, but that’s just what I’ve heard). No ifs, ands, or butts. Gone. Kaput.

So, at crosswalks, you don’t wait for the cars to go by – you step out in front of them and they have to stop. And they do stop. The only exception is at very busy intersections, where you press a button to get your chance to go across, and have to wait for the walk sign (a little green walking figure). It is a pedestrian’s paradise! But still very unnerving – I always wince as I jog across, expecting me and the baby to go flying over someone’s hood. The only problem I’ve come across is that sometimes people try to speed up to get through the crosswalk before you get to it if it seems obvious that you are going to cross in front of them. So, you do have to watch your step a bit.

Most joggers in our area seem to head up above us to the hill (would probably be considered a small mountain in Texas) that is covered in a state-owned forest and packed with trails. It is quite beautiful, but in no way can I get the stroller up there. We desperately need to get an off-road stroller. While our Irish visitors were here last week, the five of us took a hike up to the forested jogging trails, and we had a lovely walk, with Heath carrying the baby in the strap-on carrier.

More pictures can be found here.


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