In my previous life, I worked in a field of the culinary arts, and as such I have lots of friends who are ardent “foodies.” I am asked a lot what we are eating over here. Today, I’ll share what we had for lunch. If we’re not eating leftovers from dinner the night before, and we are at home, we usually eat something simple like this.

No, I don’t always have the time to make it look this pretty, but I like to when I can. Since I’m blessed to have my husband home every day for lunch, I try to make it special for all of us. If I get home from errands in time, and the baby is cooperating, I like to make it look nice. As is said among my chef friends, “it’s all about the pretty.” Oh, and the green bowl with the white cup and spoon in it on the right is Eddie’s carrots heating up in a warm water bath (we don’t have a microwave).

We also have a good crusty bread from a local bakery and cheese. I’ve ranted on about the cheese selection here before, I think (or if I haven’t, I need to). Today’s cheese was surprisingly mild. Really, cheese selection is luck of the draw – you never know if you’re going to get something good, something so pungent that your toes will curl, or in today’s case, very boring and mild (it is rare to get the last kind). Today it was something called Girenbader Bachthalkäse. The only part of that I know is käse, which means cheese. Oh, and the word “mild” on the package was helpful, too.

We also had a plate of the sweetest strawberries (they really are much better than the store-bought ones back home), a gorgeous green pear (chopped), the aforementioned cheese, a really good garlic sausage, smoky Irish Cheddar that we picked up this weekend from The Cheese Shop booth at the Expat Expo, and huge Spanish green grapes (watch out for those seeds!).

To drink we just had water. The Swiss water quality is outstanding, and even I (who normally hates tap water with a passion) will drink tap water by the gallon here.

Oh and by the way, the store-brand version of Nutella is not as good as the original. Blech! I have to go through that huge jar (the one with the green and orange Migros label behind the plate of food) before I can get more Nutella. Unless it somehow disappears into the trash, first… 😛

This week! Figs are on sale at most of the markets, and they are enormous! About the size of a pear! The ones I’ve ever had back in the states are only about the size of a golf ball at most. I’m going to snag some the next time I get a chance and I’ll definitely take a picture or three. I’ve also seen a few pumpkins, so I might try to get one of those and hack it up for baby food, soup, and pumpkin bread. We’re having one of Heath’s coworkers over for dinner soon, and I think I’d like to make something pumpkin-y for them.


5 thoughts on “Lunch!

  1. When it gets hot, this is my favorite dinner. Mom and Richard and I (and now with Steve, too) sit around the table with a bunch of grapes, different cheeses and sausages – it looks like what you’ve got there. Add a bottle of wine and some mustard and crackers and it’s heavenly.

    I picked figs in your mom’s backyard. They’re in the freezer so when the compote we have runs out I can make more.

    Tip: custini, goat cheese, fig. I had that for the first time in Corsica and just about died and went to heaven. Granted it was their local cheese…but it works with the goat cheese we pick up at the farmer’s market. You should add that while the figs are still in season!


  2. You know those big figs.. we get them too. At a euro a piece. 😦 I love them to bits, they’re my favourite fruit, but I often end up not buying any because they’re so expensive.


  3. You are making me crave salami and I can’t have it because I am pregnant! evil!! My husband goes to town on the cheeses and meats here, I’m sure he can recommend some good ones to try. Me, I can recommend the pastries… 🙂 We need to meet up one day for a little pot-luck dinner party (since we just sold our couch, perhaps after we move to our next place!)
    PS – you can use some of the fake nutella up by making desserts for your co-worker’s dinner – buy Blatterteig (puff pastry) and cut into squares, add a big smear of “nutella” and a another smear of jam on top (apricot is good but any works), fold corners to middle to create a pretty packet, sprinkle with sugar, and bake until golden brown.


  4. Marjolein – I’ve seen a package of probably 10 for 3.40 Francs. We’re getting a good deal here! Maybe you need to come back and visit! 😉

    Stacy – that’s a great idea for the dinner for my husband’s coworkers – so easy! 🙂 And I didn’t think cold cuts were entirely off the list if you had them cooked in a hot sandwich or can’t you have a salami pizza? As for cheese, I was told that you can have hard cheeses, but not soft unpasteurized cheeses like Brie and Camembert. But definitely go with whatever your doc told you – he/she knows best! 🙂


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