It is nearly noon and it just now reached 50 degrees farenheit. I love it! It is supposed to be in the 80’s back home in Texas all this week, and right now we’d be suffering through terrible humidity left behind by Hurricane Ike – minus air conditioning because there’s no power in our neighborhood.

I actually had to close nearly all the windows in the house. The knob on the radiator in the kitchen is missing, and it is set on high, so I have to keep the window cracked in there or I’ll burn up when I’m cooking.

Now, I just need to get some closed-toe shoes that fit me, because I can’t wear sandals for very much longer. My feet grew enough during the pregnancy that most of my shoes just don’t fit anymore. boo!


3 thoughts on “brrrr

  1. It’s about 60 degrees fahrenheit here. It felt so much warmer this morning with the sun out and all, but now it’s overcast and the temperature dropped so much I’m considering putting the radiator on. But then again, I hate doing that before October…

    Good luck with the shoe hunt!


  2. I can’t wait! I’m getting new sneakers tomorrow morning! YAY!!! And my hubby is getting me some really nice hiking boots for my birthday! WOO HOO! πŸ˜€

    It seems that the radiators in our building come on in the evening and turn off in the morning. I keep most of them on low to get just a little heat (you know how easily I get hot), except in the baby’s room of course.

    Speaking of that, we had to pull the crib away from the wall because I’m pretty sure he singed his wee hand or food at one point on the radiator.


  3. Sounds good! πŸ™‚ What kind of sneakers are you getting? Hiking boots are the best – I got some new lightweight ones now. I already have one pair but they’re so heavy!

    In our student house we used to have radiators that would be switched off during late spring, summer and the beginning of autumn, no matter what the weather was like. And they always had problems getting them to work again after the summer-stop… Pulling the crib away from the wall sounds like a good idea, unless you can turn the radiator to a continuous lower heat so it’s just a little warm?


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