All that walking is paying off…

While Eddie was getting his shots and six month old check up (all normal and fine), I asked if I could slip on the scale. I kicked off my shoes, but was still fully clothed in jeans and a heavy shirt (it was in the 40’s this morning). Keep in mind that I used to weigh myself at home totally nekkid after I’d emptied my bladder, just to give me the best possible weight. I got up to 209 right before I gave birth to Eddie. Got down to EXACTLY my pre-pregnancy weight of 174 and pretty much stayed there right up until we moved to Switzerland.

Of course the measurements were in kilos, so I had no clue how much that compared, so I waited until the doc kindly converted them for me as he was noting Eddie’s measurements. Pins and needles, I tell you!

bumabum! 162! And that is with clothes on! So it is probably more like 160. Maybe even 159.

I wonder how much Heath has lost…


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