a laid-back weekend

Yesterday we met one of Heath’s co-workers for breakfast. He’s a British guy that we met when we came to Switzerland last January. We split at the train station, as he had to catch his flight home, and we were on a baby equipment hunt.

I found out through an expat group that there is a Toys R Us somewhat near to us (halfway to Zurich in Dietlikon). We didn’t find a baby bouncer that I liked. We asked the store clerk if they could order one, and he said no, but that we should check out this other baby store that was down the street as they might have one. It turned out to be a really nice resource, with tons of fun stuff for babies and moms. Unfortunately they didn’t have what we were looking for. Before we left, we stopped off at a little sitting area in the store so I could nurse Eddie. We happened to strike up a conversation with another mom who was an expat from Seattle. (she had married a Swiss). She told me where we could find the exact bouncer I wanted in Zurich, and we exchanged email addresses to meet up later for coffee. We chatted a bit about expat women’s groups, as I’m still undecided about joining one.

Interesting to note, this lady had an eight-month-old baby. Eddie is currently six months old. Eddie was at least as big as or bigger than the other baby! Eddie’s now wearing mostly 9 and 12 month old sizes. It was just freaky to see how large our son was compared to other babies.

After the baby store, we went to the Media Mart outlet next door (sort of like a mini-mall with a few outlet stores and a giant electronic store). Heath splurged and let me pick out a few tops and some pants, and he got himself hopefully the right kind of power converter for the x-box.

Before we got back on the train, we stopped at this nice little Italian place to get a late lunch. The decor was really cool, and the pizza was excellent. It was cold but sunny, and a nice day for walking about.

Today we are vegging out and watching the Oktoberfest coverage on TV. I kinda wish we’d gone. Maybe next year, if we’re still on this side of the pond.


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