Baby Update

For those of you following along back home…

I traveled to Zurich for the first time with the baby all by myself yesterday to meet up with an alumni from my high school, and I breezed right through the trek. I didn’t get to take one of the trains that is level with the platform, but I was lucky enough to have kind folks help me lift the stroller up and down the stairs in the train both ways. Most people are really polite and helpful when it comes to that.

Eddie is making some progress as well. His latest thing is to roll over and over and over all the way across the living room. He’s pretty fast, too. Oh, and he’s got two teeth peeking out of his upper gums (in addition to the two already in in the lower) that I noticed today when he was laughing from me tickling him. I’ll post a video of him rolling around soon.


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