Halloween isn’t exactly celebrated here in Switzerland, but tonight we’re going to carve our pumpkin, and eat some candy while watching my favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our house is decorated for the holiday, but we likely won’t see any trick-or-treaters. Though, I have seen a few Halloween decoration items for sale in some of the stores.

The Swiss celebrate a similar holiday called Fastnacht in February on the same day that Americans celebrate Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday/etc. There’s a huge costumed parade and all sorts of goings on.



Our first snowfall in Switzerland! Yup, at this very minute, I’m watching big clumps of very wet snow fall past our windows!!!! It’s still a little warm for it to stick, but it is still lovely! SNOW!!! Unfortunately, Eddie went to sleep right before it switched from rain to snow, but hopefully he’ll see it when he gets up.

More pictures here.

Change of seasons

We’ve had a few rainstorms knock most of the leaves off the trees. Yeah, fall is nearly over here in northern Switzerland. I don’t think I’ll find any more photos to go in my Fall in Switzerland album. Hard to believe that fall is moving into winter already. It is still 80 degrees back home. There are hints that we might even get a sprinkling of snow late next week.

I am not complaining, though. I love the cold weather. I’m naturally very hot-natured, and feel much better when there’s a chill in the air. Of course we’re keeping Eddie well-bundled when outdoors; he’s very frustrated by the concept of mittens.


There is a nice little Mexican import shop in Zurich that we’ve been to a few times. The last time we were there, among other things, we picked up two packages of flour tortillas and a package of handmade tamales. I grabbed the former, and as the baby was screeching, and the store was a little crowded, I had my husband pick out the tamales.

When we got home, I realized I’d failed to read the package of tortillas, and found that they were actually white corn tortillas. We’ve made do with them, though i’m still craving some flour tortillas for some quesadillas. I’m going to Zurich next week and hope to pick some up then.

Tonight I decided I’d cook up the tamales – they were so fat and inviting looking. With one of my chef friend’s help, I jerrigged a steamer for them out of a colander and some tinfoil. When I was putting the tamales in the colander, I noticed a slight cinnamon smell, and thought maybe they tried to do a mole or something, but just popped them in anyway. I also cooked up some rice and spicy beans with chipotle chilies. I served up the rice and beans, and started unwrapping the tamales. Continue reading

Eddie – 7 Month Update

Just a little note – Eddie is learning how to sit on his own right now. He’s almost got it, but we still keep our hands hovering behind him in case he doesn’t keep his balance. We have hard laminate floors, so it would be a pretty nasty bump if he leaned too far.

He can also stand for a few seconds at a time, but we’re not pushing that.

Still no crawling, but man, he can scoot and roll all over the floor and his crib. He’s a very active sleeper, and often wakes himself up by flinging an arm or leg too hard into the side of the crib or rolling and getting himself crammed up at one end. Continue reading

“Hey honey, watch this!”

You know that phrase can never prefix something good.

“Hey honey, watch this!” My husband said as he stood in the kitchen with an egg in his hand. “I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsey*.” He cracked the egg fearlessly on the side of the pan. Half the egg splurted out on the countertop, and the other half – including bits of the shell – sizzled into the pan.

Bonus points for offering to watch the baby while I cleaned up breakfast, but failing to let me know that he’d let some of the egg cook on the rangetop and the majority of it was still spattered on the countertop.

* A British chef (we watch a lot of BBC over here).