Birthday Review

Can I start by saying that Heath gets major husband points for going above and beyond for my birthday?

On the Saturday before my birthday, we went into the altstadt (old town) and browsed the shops for a new outfit for me. Heath was very patient with me while I popped in and out of shops, taking care of Eddie with no complaints. Since I was having trouble finding something I liked, we ended up buying me a few things from The Body Shop, and from Traité, which is this really neat little wine and liquor shop. When we got home, Heath stowed everything away.

On my actual birthday (Monday), the day was cool and kept changing from bright and sunny to dark and cloudy. Perfect fall weather – my favorite kind! The air was very clear, and I got some of the best shots yet of the Alps to the south of us. I only wish I was able to get up to the top of my building so there wouldn’t be extra items in the foreground.

I got out with the baby and the camera and added some pictures to my Fall in Winterthur album.

Heath came home early from work, and sent me out of the apartment to do some baby-free clothes shopping. That was really nice – no stroller, no baby, and me carrying a real purse instead of a plastic diaper bag! I felt so naked walking down the street!

When I came home, Heath had pulled out the presents we’d bought together (all very creatively wrapped), plus a few new ones he’d bought that afternoon, and a few gifts my family had mailed over earlier in the week. He’d also ordered fire-roasted pizza from the yummy local joint. On the table was a gorgeous bouquet (the flowers you can get here in Switzerland are really amazing). While we were waiting for the pizza, Eddie helped me unwrap presents. Besides the aforementioned, I got a few books (I only brought about a dozen from my huge collection back home) and CDs and a coupon for a future baby-free shopping day.

Heath really did try to be totally sweet and do everything possible to make sure I had a fun birthday here in Switzerland even though I couldn’t party with any friends or family. And Eddie was so nice by going to bed right on time and without a fuss, so I got to play around on the internet for a bit before bed.

Tomorrow (Thursday), I’m meeting up with the four folks I know to celebrate my birthday. Two of them I’ve only met once. Three of them are moms, and the fourth is halfway through her pregnancy. Two are from Texas, one is from Seattle, and the fourth from the UK. We’re going to cram our strollers into the Sprüngli Café for some hot chocolate. Apparently it is the best place to get some in Zürich, though I also want to try my favorite Teuscher Chocolate‘s hot cocoa someday, too (I’ve already tried their ice cream and it is to die for!) to compare. I also might check out a Mexican import shop, rumored to have fresh poblano peppers – that would make my day!


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