Jucker Pumpkin Farm

On Sunday we went to the Jucker Farm where harvesting-type events are held year-round, but we went for the pumpkins, or kürbis. The farm is situated on a picturesque lake not to far from our town. We caught a ride from two our our new friends here, and met up with a second couple and their daughter at the farm. It was packed with families. The weather was very lovely, though a bit hazy, so I didn’t have an opportunity to take any pictures of the nearby mountains.

I’ve never seen so many and so varied a collection of pumpkins and gourds in all my life. There were pumpkins piled up on the ground, in barns, in crates, and even done up as sculptures. I think there were at least a half a dozen life-size rustic sculptures decorated with gourds and squashes. Here are a few:

Cinderella's Coach

George and the Dragon

There were tons of options for food, too. It was helpful that each eating area was spread out and there was different foods at each station. Heath got a pumpkin sausage, one of our friends got a pumpkin risotto, another had the pumpkin soup, and I had some super yummy pumpkin ravioli with a light pumpkin sauce and topped with a pumpkin seed pesto:

It definitely wasn’t cheap crappy food that you sometimes see at festivals. My friend Stacy got an unbelievable apricot cake for dessert, and I took home a blackberry coulis (at least, that’s what I would call it – I’m not sure of the German name for it).

I got a bunch of pictures of the produce and farms, and of Eddie and his new friend Lydia:

We had a blast. The only minor drawback was that we had a long but pretty walk from the car to the farm, so we only bought a few patty pan squashes and some cider and dried sausage. We stopped at a road-side stand in Effretikon to get our big Halloween pumpkin for carving.

More pictures can be found here.


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