Eddie – 7 Month Update

Just a little note – Eddie is learning how to sit on his own right now. He’s almost got it, but we still keep our hands hovering behind him in case he doesn’t keep his balance. We have hard laminate floors, so it would be a pretty nasty bump if he leaned too far.

He can also stand for a few seconds at a time, but we’re not pushing that.

Still no crawling, but man, he can scoot and roll all over the floor and his crib. He’s a very active sleeper, and often wakes himself up by flinging an arm or leg too hard into the side of the crib or rolling and getting himself crammed up at one end.

No words yet, but I think we are close. He has made a “buh” sound and “ma” just a few times, but not with any distinction or consistency. Right now he’s going through a very painfully loud shrieking phrase. We’re going to ramp up the baby sign language very soon, too.

Eddie is eating all sorts of pureed fruits and vegitables that I am making him. He’s tried bananas, avocados, green beans, pumpkin, apple, pear, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, and a few other foods. We’ve not given him meat yet, but we’re going to give it a try soon. Mmmm… pureed chicken, anyone? 😉

He’s still a very big boy. Eddie isn’t super-fat, just very tall. Currently he is almost out of most of his size 9 month clothing and is in 12 month clothing.

And it is my bedtime, because with Eddie, there is no snoozing! 7AM or earlier!


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