Change of seasons

We’ve had a few rainstorms knock most of the leaves off the trees. Yeah, fall is nearly over here in northern Switzerland. I don’t think I’ll find any more photos to go in my Fall in Switzerland album. Hard to believe that fall is moving into winter already. It is still 80 degrees back home. There are hints that we might even get a sprinkling of snow late next week.

I am not complaining, though. I love the cold weather. I’m naturally very hot-natured, and feel much better when there’s a chill in the air. Of course we’re keeping Eddie well-bundled when outdoors; he’s very frustrated by the concept of mittens.


One thought on “Change of seasons

  1. Here we finally got some fall colours on the trees. Matthijs is still hoping for lots of frost and snow this winter (so he can go and skate) and I’m hoping for weather that’s a bit more tropical. 😉

    I think most babies get frustrated with having to wear mittens.


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