So, we live in an apartment building, basically. It is probably about 30 years old or so. The walls are solid concrete, so we never hear the neighbors next to us, and the ones above us. There is one exception – the neighbors below us. It is a famly of four with one child probably about six or seven, and a younger one, maybe four. They don’t have carpet. Why? Because their children stomp up and down their apartment and the sound echoes straight up to us. The children slam the doors within the apartment. We’ve also been privvy to their very loud family arguements. The topper? They always slam their front door when they come or go. NO ONE else in our building slams their door shut, including us.

I understand that kids will be kids, and that it isn’t always easy to keep them quiet, especially as the days get colder, and they are more likely to be inside. But the door slamming needs to stop. Problem is, I’m pretty sure they are Turkish, not German. Even more confusing is that the husband seems to know a few words of English. I’m working on getting a note composed in German to put on their door, though, in hopes that it will help.

What’s odd about this situation is that it usually doesn’t happen in Switzerland. Like I said before, all of our other neighbors are completely silent. Sundays are particularly quiet, and noise complaints can be made to the police if you are caught mowing your lawn or doing home repairs. And in general, the Swiss seem to be rule-followers. Maybe it is because this family isn’t Swiss (as we suspect), or because they think that since they are the bottom-most apartment that they can make all the noise they want.

I just hope we’re able to resolve it soon, and peacefully. I’m not a very confrontational person, especially since being in a foriegn country.


One thought on “Annoyed

  1. Hmm, not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but our upstairs neighbours are Turkish and tend to get rather loud, and their grand children as well (they look after them 5 days a week). Maybe they’re more noise-tolerant? I don’t know. Maybe you could approach them when they’re at home and ask them to stop slamming the doors? That might work better than a note.


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