Holiday cooking

For all of my life, I’ve spent the holidays at my parents’ house, or in the past few years, my husband’s family’s house. I’ve occasionally contributed a dish, but usually all the cooking is left to someone else. This year we’re going back to Texas for Thanksgiving, but this Christmas is the first big holiday where I’ll be cooking! I’m excited and a bit nervous. It will be me, my husband, the baby (who is mostly eating what we eat, only pureed and with no salt and sugar), my brother, and his wife. Aside from my husband’s request that we have a ham, I’m not quite sure what to cook yet. I don’t even know what will be available at the grocery stores here in Switzerland in two months. While I have been able to find various ingredients that I’m used to cooking with here and there, there are some things that just don’t exist over here (such as vanilla extract).

Another challenge is our kitchen. It is very small, and I am limited in utensils and pots and pans. I get very creative with our tiny fridge and freezer. Oh, and there is only one tiny oven. Cooking a big spread is going to take a lot of juggling. I wonder if my husband can borrow a grill from a coworker and we could maybe use that to cook one or two dishes…

So, other than the ham (and that will be interesting, as I’ll need to figure out how to make my own honey-ham), I’m not quite sure what our menu will be yet. Probably rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, and some cold appetizers. I’ve got lots of ideas, though!


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