Convenience Food?

In my former life, I worked for a personal chef company, and still chat with their chefs somewhat regularly. A topic came up about convenience food, and what foods they occasionally “cheat” with.

Here in Switzerland, there aren’t all that many pre-packaged convenient foods (at least not the incredible variety that you can find back in the states). Even when we were in Texas, I didn’t cook with very many packaged foods – too much processing, salt, and chemicals. I prefer to cook from scratch. I am used to not using convenience foods, so the lack of them in the grocery stores doesn’t bother me at all.

The one thing that I do cheat on here in Switzerland is buying pre-packaged bags of Rösti. They sell all kinds here – cheese, ham, bacon. And the packages don’t have to be refrigerated, so it takes up less space in our micro-tiny fridge. Plus, I don’t have a box grater to shred all those potatoes. All you have to do is cut open the bag, dump it in a hot pan, and cook it!

Here’s how you’re supposed to make Rösti, but I think a lot of locals probably use the bags as well.


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