What is New Years Like in Switzerland?

LOUD! Folks have been setting off fireworks, and the church bells (we have two churches near us) have been pealing like mad for the twenty minutes leading up to the stroke of midnight and they are still going. I just hope the baby stays fast asleep.

Heath and I had a quiet dinner of Tamales courtesy of the nice Mexican shop in Zurich, a few beers from a local brewery, and a kiss at midnight.

Eddie won’t care if we were up late and will be up at his usual time, so I’m off to bed. We’re having some friends over for brunch, and I’ll need to get cracking on that as well when I get up.

Happy New Year, everyone!


New Pictures and Videos!

Just finished updating our website, http://www.thewestfields.net, with tons of new videos and pictures. Go check it out, and don’t forget to leave comments so we know you are out there! 🙂

I’m sure we’ll have a ton more pictures and videos next week, as my brother and sister in law are coming to visit us in Switzerland this week! YAY!

Just a quick update

I know I’m long overdue for updating our travelogue here, and I hope to find time in the next two weeks to play catch up. Heath will be home from work and can help out more with the baby and stuff.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few little tidbits about our son. First, Eddie finally has said “da”! I’ve yet to catch it on video. So, the sounds he’s making now are “ma,” “ba,” “da,” “thhh,” “fff,” and “sss.” Also, while Eddie isn’t crawling yet, we think he’s very close. He does just about everything but crawling. He can move from sitting to laying down, and he’s almost figured out how to go from laying down to sitting on his own. He loves ripping apart his playmat (it is a giant dinosaur puzzle), and practices putting things in and out of a big plastic bowl.

Speaking of… I think he just woke up from his nap!

If you are sending us a package to Switzerland… FYI…

“Die Post does the customs processing now, and they charge a flat fee of
CHF18 just for the handling. The VAT is typically 7.6%, but 2.4% for
some things. If no duties are charged, the handling fee isn’t charged

Gifts and presents for personal use are not subject to customs unless
the value exceeds CHF100, but they must be clearly identifiable as