An Update

Well, we’re zooming right along with Edward and he’s nearly 11 months old. Last month we realized that he was too big for the Bumbo seat when he leaned forward too far and fell out of it. So now it is down in storage until we have a second child. It was definitely a great seat – we just probably used it a little too long. Here’s Eddie the last time he spent some time in the chair.

Eddie is still not crawling, but that doesn’t stop him from rolling and scooting around the living room at lightening speed, leaving a path of destruction wherever he goes. He loves to rip apart his foam puzzle playmat and mommy and daddy spend a lot of time putting it back together.

Eddie also isn’t walking yet, but he’ll stand with help, and can lean against the coffee table or the back door while standing. He seems to have no interest in moving his feet to walk, and just stands still grinning.

We also have a playmate for Eddie – a lovely little girl who is just a month younger than him. They’ve had one official playdate so far and seem to enjoy each other’s company (and each others’ books and toys!). The little girl’s mum is  an English expat and we get along quite well. I’m happy to have another friend here.

I am organizing my thoughts and photos from the past few months to start turning this blog back into more of a travelogue and a cultural dialogue of our life here. I made it my New Years goal to spruce up this blog and post at least once a week, but I’m obviously behind. The month of January just flew by, and February didn’t start so well, with everyone in the household getting sick at once, plus a visiting friend.

Heath had a fun birthday celebration. We were all sick on his actual birthday, but a few days later we went out to eat with a big bunch of coworkers and friends that we’ve made here at a local place called Outback Lodge.

I’m trying my hand at co-hosting a baby shower for one of my friends here. It is proving to be a challenge because baby showers aren’t a custom that have been adopted by the Swiss. I’ve had to be really creative.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for right now. I need to get the baby up from his nap and then we and our houseguest are going to go out for some traditional Swiss fare at a restaurant in the old town.


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