While at the Konstanz Christmas market, Heath and I (and Eddie – he enjoyed it too) were introduced by our local friends to a dish that I don’t exactly know the name of. Apparently it is frequently made at homes in Germany and northern Switzerland and is really easy and delicious.

Schupfnudeln are an elongated sort of potato dumpling similar to gnocchi. You can buy them pre-packaged in the grocery stores right next to gnocchi and various fresh tortellini and ravioli:

The dish that we had was quite delicious, and we’ve made it at home a few times since. Here’s how I made it. I’m not sure if it is entirely accurate, but it was still quite tasty. The only thing I’d do different than in these pictures is toast the noodles separately until they were a little more brown.

First, you get some onions carmelizing in either butter or olive oil.

After the onions are good and sweetly brown and soft, add your schupfnudeln and let them brown a bit on both sides. I think next time I’ll remove the onions and then re-add them later. After your schupfnudeln are browned, add in your sausage or bacon.

If your sausage or bacon needs cooking time, wait to add your sauerkraut, otherwise, just toss it on top, and salt and pepper the pan to taste. Toss gently a few times to warm the sauerkraut (gently is the key, as one of our visiting friends tried to make this dish and turned it to complete mush). I also added some caraway seeds for flavor.

Once your dish is warmed through, serve and enjoy immediately!


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