An Edward Post…

I have a funny story to relay about our son that happened earlier this week. One of my friends here has a daughter that is just a month younger than Edward. We’ve gotten them together a few times for playdates, and I really think Edward gets a lot out of his time with this little girl.

One day this week his playmate came over, and they were both rolling and scooting around, playing with books and toys and staring at each other. They started to take toys from each other, each one wanting the toy the other one had. At one point, the little girl had one of those canisters that “moo” when you turn it over. Eddie leaned over and tried to swipe it from her. The little girl let out a loud sinister shriek. Eddie stopped, completely shocked by the sound (even though he’s well-known for his own loud shrieks). His jaw fell open in utter surprise and he just stared at the little girl for probably about half a minute with his mouth wide open in a perfect “O.”

My friend and I were laughing so hard we were crying.


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