Brot für Alle – Fastenopfer

Today I went to buy bread at my favorite local bakery. I tend to stick to types of bread that I know we like, but I was in the mood to try something new. I pointed to a bread that I don’t remember the name of and we enjoyed it with some roasted fennel, potato, and lamb stew that I’d whipped up.

Stuck in the bread was a little paper flag with a phrase in German on one side, and assumedly the same in French. One of the symbols had a cross in it, and I wondered if I’d accidentally bought communion bread that is usually sent up to a church or something like that. I understood the first part – “Bread for All” – but it took a few searches to try to find some more information here:

“Following the success of last year’s event, bakeries will once more be invited to join in the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and Bread for All campaign by selling “Shared Bread” throughout the campaign. As well as being able to enjoy this artisanal product, the shared bread gives Swiss people the chance to show their solidarity with those who do not have enough to eat. For each loaf sold, 50 centimes will be donated to the organizations for projects to fight hunger, particularly in the areas of organic farming and the preservation of natural resources. Tell everyone you know about this event and invite your local bakery to take part by registering directly on the Internet. Its success depends on you!”

Kinda neat to know that we accidentally supported a local charity.


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