All shapes and sizes…

One of the more amusing purchases that we’ve made is for basic condiments. A lot of condiments come in tubes exactly like those used for toothpaste. Here we have tomato paste, mayonnaise, and two kinds of mustard:

I think the tomato paste is actually a good idea, though because there have been times when cooking where I thought I could use just a few tablespoons rather than a whole can. You can buy some mustards in jars, but most come in tubes like these, and I’m not sure I’ve even seen mayonaisse in a jar.


3 thoughts on “All shapes and sizes…

  1. yeah, I like tubes too because I store them in that part of the fridge door where you are supposed to keep butter and they take up way less space than jars. plus – no having to scrape out the bottom of the jar! though, I have seen some mayo in jars I’m pretty sure… hmm…

    when you go back to the USA – Italian stores and gourmet food stores usually sell Italian tomato paste in tubes! You are right that it just makes sense!!!


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