Fasnacht Parade in Winterthur 2009

I know I’ve been really terrible in keeping up with this blog. You should see the list of drafts that I have lined up in my WordPress Dashboard! Anywho, as a follow up to the Opening Ceremonies of Fasnacht, there was also a parade a few days later, which is the highlight of the whole festival.

We went into the altstadt early in the day to get a good spot for the parade, as we heard it can get quite crowded. That was an understatement. It seemed like the entire 100,000 population of Winterthur turned out!

But first, as the crowds gathered, we wandered around, getting lunch and a bag of confetti, and I took tons of pictures of the different guilds gathering.

Children and adults not participating in the parade dressed up too.

And then the parade started!

Even with all the noise and live bands playing, Eddie fell fast asleep after only about 10 minutes. Here he is right before crashing. Heath thought he was playing a game by leaning forward until he realized he’d fallen asleep!

Also, “naughty” children got picked up by the masked participants and carried a few yards down the parade line. They were also showered with confetti. Unfortunately, I had kind of a loud-mouthed kid right next to me during the parade, and I received quite a few extra sprays of confetti. Heath stayed back behind the crowds and watched the parade from a distance while Eddie slept in the stroller.

What was most interesting to me was the wooden masks that many of the parade participants wore.

In addition to the colorful costumes, most guilds had their own bands, and they were REALLY good, playing a range of music from pop to rock to traditional.

We stayed nearly towards the end. It was a long parade of guilds, and I was getting tired of being pushed and shoved around. But overall, it was a fantastic experience, and a lot of fun!

There are hundreds more colorful pictures here:

Pre-Parade in Winterthur

Fasnacht Parade in Winterthur


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