I’d never cooked, much less eaten polenta before. I know – total foodie who’d not yet dined on polenta? Who’da thunk? Polenta is pretty popular here, so I thought I’d try it. I bought a package of polenta that had dried mushrooms in it. It sat at the back of my pantry for months on end because both myself and Yahoo!Babel Fish Translator failed miserably at translating the instructions on the label.

I realized I needed to just give up translating and try something else, so I hit the internet for ideas. As far as I could tell, the package only contained large-grain polenta and dried mushrooms, so I didn’t need to worry about any extra ingredients causing a disaster if I strayed from the package instructions.

I first stumbled across the following video that seemed promising.

Answer me this question – how on earth is it green to be using a wire whisk on a Teflon pan? Not only not green, but downright disgusting! Blech! I tried to comment on that wee contradictory element, but it’s not yet been approved. *smirk*

Since I also had to prep and cook a lamb loin (oh yes, they are awesome, and cheap here!), and keep an eye on the little one, I couldn’t really do any of the traditional recipes that call for a constant stirring of polenta. I found this oven-based cooking method recipe for polenta that was perfect!

Instead of Parmesan, I added grated Sbrinz cheese. Sbrinz is a very hard dry full-fat Swiss-made cheese very similar to Parmesan and quite tasty. I like eating really thin slices of Sbrinz on bread with some apricot jam.

I also added some fresh thyme from our window-box herb garden that lives on the balcony to the polenta. Also, per the one part of the package instructions that I could decipher, I used half water, half milk instead of straight water.

The polenta came out pretty excellent tasting, though slightly crunchy, so I’m not sure if I did it right. I will try making it again, though. Seems like a nice tasty side-dish.


2 thoughts on “Polenta

  1. I cheat and use the packets when we make it as a side dish – Maggi Polenta Ticinise in the yellow box. Very tasty. Also – plain polnta when cooled and sliced is GREAT fried in butter, then top it with tomato sauce and cheese, then broil it til cheese is bubbly. Mmmm. dude, I love polenta.


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