Again, I’m still behind with posting update… In April, we took a day to visit Rapperwil, towards the southern end of Lake Zürich (Zürichsee). The train ride from Zürich to Rapperswil is really lovely, following the lake through most of the trip (there is an alternate train route that goes through the country-side).

We went a little early in the season, so not all of the trees were fully leafed-out yet, and it was a little cool, but it was still really pretty – we always love being on the water.

What’s most amazing about Rapperswil is the view of the mountains – incredible!

Our main reason for going to Rapperswil was to check out a Polish heritage museum that is located in the castle of the town. The castle itself is really beautiful, but only small portions of it are open to the public (a cafe in a courtyard and the Polish museums). You can’t take pictures inside the museum – except for in the tower (see below). I took this picture before we went in.

The museum is small but interesting and packed with art and artifacts from all over Poland and Switzerland. There is a holocaust memorial, folk art, helmets and armor, oil paintings – even a bronze cast of Chopin’s hand! Being of Polish heritage myself, I found it really fascinating. Many more facts about the museum can be found here and here.

About a year ago some Rapperswil citizens tried to get the Polish museum ousted from the castle (I’m still not sure why) and there is currently a petition to make sure it stays there. To learn more, and sign the petition, click here.

Another bonus about going through the Polish museum is that you have access to the tallest tower, giving you an unprecedented view of the mountains, lake, and the town of Rapperswil. It is a lot of steep stairs, but there are windows on every floor of the tower – totally worth it. Eddie enjoyed crawling around the wooden floor of the tower, because it made a huge racket.

After the castle, we explored the river front, having dinner al fresco at one of the many restaurants that line the lake. We were lucky to see a sailboat race as well.

Here’s a short video of our son crawling around the floor of the highest level of the castle tower, and the views from the windows:

More pictures can be found here.


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