Bugs in das haus!

We don’t have a central air system like in our house back home. Heat is provided by radiators, and we cool our home by leaving the windows open. Most of the time it isn’t bad at all, and we are high up enough in our building to get nice breezes.

What we don’t have are screens on the windows (most folks don’t). So, we get all manner of insect visitors in our home. At night, especially in the summer, I generally close the windows where we have the light on (living room) but leave the windows open in rooms where we’ve already turned off the lights (kitchen, dining room and bedrooms).

One thing I was surprised about is the size of some of these bugs. Living in humid Houston, I’ve seen some pretty big mosquitoes. Though nothing compares to these:

Admittedly, that is a very small white wine glass, but still! Now, my Swiss readers, correct me if I’m wrong about that bug.

Next up, the giant bee incident. One night very recently we were watching some TV before bed, and the biggest bee we’d ever seen in our lives banged in angrily through the open window (yeah, I’d forgotten to shut it that night). Me, being utterly petrified ran shrieking (quietly, as the baby was asleep). Before my husband could escort it out of the apartment, it made a spectacular dive into the halogen lamp that lights our living room, and quickly cooked to death.

Heath managed to retrieve the corpse before it was too badly damaged, and he took some pictures of it. Yes, it really was that huge.

And then there are the bugs that I hate the most. They look a LOT like roaches, but are much smaller, and can fly. When we first moved in, we had a handful about the place, and an exterminator was ordered. He looked at the one we’d captured, and explained that while they are annoying, they aren’t truly roaches, and don’t infest a place like real roaches do. I’ve not yet taken a picture of one because they wig me out too much. Ugh.


3 thoughts on “Bugs in das haus!

  1. they sell screens at coop bau+hobby that you can velcro to the window frame. totally cheesy looking, and not the sturdiest option – however, they keep a majority of the larger bugs out.

    And dude, those photos are totally giving me nightmares, aaaaiiiieeeeeee! shudder..


  2. We had some of those HUGE fuzzy bees around the house when we lived in Wildflecken. You could hear them buzzing around the rhodedendron bushes from inside! I don’t think they sting but they did like to dive-bomb.

    We have screens and we still end up with wasp-esque bugs in the house.


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