Swiss Chocolate Review

I have a new favorite chocolate bar. I’m not normally one to eat milk chocolate – much prefer dark chocolate. But when the milk chocolate is absolutely packed to the gills with hazelnuts and raisins, that’s a different story. I’d show you pictures of how absolutely choc-full of goodies this bar is, but… erm… we ate it all already. Here’s what the label looks like, though:

I’m also enjoying Villars overall as a brand. Lindt – the king of Swiss chocolate production, imho, has gone downhill – poorer quality of chocolate and using things like fake vanilla (vanillin). Teuscher is still my favorite for truffles, and I love Callier for its chocolate bars. I even use the Callier Crémant when I make Nigella Lawson’s Zucchini Chocolate Bread.

Teuscher is located in Zurich and Geneva. My new-found favorite chocolate shop, however, is Schoggibox, located in Stein am Rhein. They boast having over 300 different Swiss chocolates. In this tiny shop is everything from the big companies like Toblerone, Lindt, and Callier, and handmade and gourmet chocolates. They have hundreds of kinds of chocolate bars, plus chocolate liquor, hot chocolate, and a small assortment of candies and caramels. If you are ever in Stein am Rhein, I highly recommend it.

Now that I’ve gone all over the board in my brief  chocolate update, I’ma gonna go nibble on some chocolate that has crepes in it. 😀


3 thoughts on “Swiss Chocolate Review

  1. I bought a particular chocolate in Zurich years ago but I can’t remember the name! They were about 2″ long logs, about 1″ in diameter. They were individually wrapped in colored foils: red, blue, or green. It was milk chocolate with ground up hazelnuts. I was able to buy a case out of New Jersey! The containers were large, clear, plastic cylinders chock full! Do you have a clue what the name of this chocolate is? Thank You!! Laurie


    • Wow, Laurie, that’s a good question! I’m not sure I know the answer, unfortunately. Chocolate companies can change their packaging over several years. But it sounds like it may be Lindt, which is very popular and somewhat easy to obtain in the US. Callier is another popular brand (and my favorite). Minor also does multi-colored packaging, their most popular bar called “Branch.” I’m sorry I’m probably not much help. I hope you can find what you are looking for, though.


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