Do you know where your eggs come from?

I do!

Most of egg packages here in Switzerland have a code printed on the inside. Our eggs this week happen to come from the nearby town of Neftenbach. We went there recently for their annual festival, and 800th year anniversary of the town. I can also tell you that my eggs came from a guy named Beat Möckli.

Also, eggs aren’t really sold as brown or white – it’s whatever is available is what you get. There are generally only two sizes of eggs, too. You can get ones that are above 53 g or below.   The smaller ones are less expensive, but man, are they tiny! And overall, eggs are nearly twice as much as eggs bought in Texas.

There is one thing that I don’t understand about eggs. The egg tray that was provided for us only holds nine eggs – Swiss eggs are sold 10 to a carton.

See? I have to put the extra egg up on the side. So strange.


Fresh Fruit of the Summer

Every few weeks here in the summer, a different fruit comes into season. Unlike the mega-grocery stores back in the states, you usually can only get the fruit that is in season. Instead of bland watery strawberries, or peaches that have been genetically engineered to be shipped hundreds or thousands of miles, in Switzerland they mostly still stick to only selling what’s fresh and good. Fresh fruit picked at the right time (rather than too early) tastes incredible. The only bad thing about having really good fruit like this is that it goes bad quickly and you have to eat it, can it, or bake it within a week of bringing it home. I try to buy fruit grown here in Switzerland, but occasionally pick up items from France, Italy, and oddly enough, Israel (the latter only in winter, though). OK, off my soapbox about the US farming industry and on to the goods!

Lately nectarines and apricots have been all the rage. Blueberries just hit their height, and we’ve probably bought at least a half a dozen cartons, mostly devoured by my son, so I have no pictures of those. Recently peaches have popped up too.

Swiss Peaches and Nectarines

Today, though, I found the biggest plumpest juiciest cherries at a road-side stand. I’ve never seen cherries this big!

The skin is thin, the fruit sweet, and I couldn’t help but stop and eat a few on the walk home. Eddie kept crowing for more as well. I swear we only had two… or maybe five… ok, I think the colander is really big, so it looks like there are a lot less…

At any rate, my nectarines are already starting to turn so I think I will make a delicious cherry and nectarine clafoutis very soon. It is one of my favorite desserts to make. Mmmm!!!

Children’s Car on SBB

I’ve already lauded the impressive Swiss train system for it’s accuracy, cleanliness, and ease of use. Another unique feature is the Family Car. It is only available on a few trains, and depending on how long the train is, you can’t always run to that end of the train in time to board the car. But when you can snag a Family Car, it is a lot of fun for the kiddos. The upper level of the car has the seats removed and replaced with a small playground! Totally cool!

I happened to have my camera with me recently when we managed to catch a Family Car. My visiting friend, Sydney, was helping Edward on the slide.

I think this picture is hilarious – notice how the other little girl is trying to forcefully guide Edward off the slide.

Unfortunately, I just realized that I only took pictures of Edward on the slide, and none of the rest of the car.  You can see more pictures related to our adventures on trains here.

Albanifest 2009

We went to see what the buzz was about Albanifest here in Switzerland. It is the largest annual festival in a historic town in Switzerland, is named after St Alban, one of the city’s four saints. Mostly, it is an excuse for all the area restaurants to showcase their menus and to have fun on the carnival rides. Don’t get me wrong – the food was great – hundreds of booths. But it got a little old after a bit. It was pretty hot and crowded, so we took a short break in a city park behind the festival area, and Heath took a bunch of pictures of Edward and I.

Here’s some chicks from the Swiss Lotto.

And a cute picture of Edward in the park.

A few more pictures can be found here.

Lichtenstein, Schmictenstein

A visiting friend and I took a brief day-trip to Vaduz, Lichtenstein. There really wasn’t much to see. You can’t visit the palace because the Prince lives there. We happened to go on a Monday, so the only museum open was the Postal Museum, and it was not worth a tour, either. Practically every store there was a tourist trap, and we even had to pay to get our passports stamped. Oh well, I did buy a postcard and stamp and sent it to my philatelist father.

There were a few neat statues on display on the main drag of the altstadt. Below is a picture of the castle up on the hill on the left, and some statues in front of the Rathaus.

A few more photos can be found here.