Fresh Fruit of the Summer

Every few weeks here in the summer, a different fruit comes into season. Unlike the mega-grocery stores back in the states, you usually can only get the fruit that is in season. Instead of bland watery strawberries, or peaches that have been genetically engineered to be shipped hundreds or thousands of miles, in Switzerland they mostly still stick to only selling what’s fresh and good. Fresh fruit picked at the right time (rather than too early) tastes incredible. The only bad thing about having really good fruit like this is that it goes bad quickly and you have to eat it, can it, or bake it within a week of bringing it home. I try to buy fruit grown here in Switzerland, but occasionally pick up items from France, Italy, and oddly enough, Israel (the latter only in winter, though). OK, off my soapbox about the US farming industry and on to the goods!

Lately nectarines and apricots have been all the rage. Blueberries just hit their height, and we’ve probably bought at least a half a dozen cartons, mostly devoured by my son, so I have no pictures of those. Recently peaches have popped up too.

Swiss Peaches and Nectarines

Today, though, I found the biggest plumpest juiciest cherries at a road-side stand. I’ve never seen cherries this big!

The skin is thin, the fruit sweet, and I couldn’t help but stop and eat a few on the walk home. Eddie kept crowing for more as well. I swear we only had two… or maybe five… ok, I think the colander is really big, so it looks like there are a lot less…

At any rate, my nectarines are already starting to turn so I think I will make a delicious cherry and nectarine clafoutis very soon. It is one of my favorite desserts to make. Mmmm!!!


5 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit of the Summer

    • I got them at a stand across the street from the Migros in Oberi. I’ve seen the guy a few times there, now, but I’m not sure which days he’s there. He always has cherries and apricots.


  1. It’s the same on the market in Rotterdam – you get what’s in season and it’s so good! I’ve got cherries and nectarines now (found passion fruit and carambolas at the market last week, they were so delicious) and it needs to go fast… How do you make a clafoutis? It is very time consuming?


  2. Clafoutis are really super easy to make. I can’t seem to find my favorite recipe at the moment, but there are a lot of recipes on the internet. The traditional ones are made with cherries, but you can really make it with any “stone fruit” like nectarines or peaches. You basically slice up your fruit (leave the skins on) and put it in a dish. Then you beat together (this is the hard part) eggs, cream, sugar, and kirsch (cherry liquor) until it gets really foamy and forms soft peaks. Then you pour it over the fruit, and bake it until it sets. It will be kind of like a quiche – slightly soft. But SOOOOO yummy!!! And you don’t need to worry about making a crust.

    I used this recipe last time I made clafoutis: and it came out really well. You can make it with just cherries, though if you want to.

    Truly traditional Clafoutis calls for leaving the cherry pits in, because it adds a subtle almond flavor, but most people just take the pits out before cooking.

    Viel Glück! 😉


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