German humor…

On one of our trips back to the states, we bought a card box with 1,000 German words, similar in size and style to the cards used for Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit. While we are eating, we pinch out about a dozen cards and study them. We’d also been watching some cartoons in German earlier in the morning. Here’s a conversation from lunch today between my husband and I.

Me: Ok, next one – “wissen” – it’s a verb.

H: No clue.

Me: It means to know, as in a fact or a skill.

Me: Ok, “die Wissenschaft” – noun.

H (without pausing): Witchcraft!

Me: Erm, no – Science.

H: Bwhahahahhaha!!

(Note for those who don’t know him – my husband, who by trade is a project manager for an engineering firm, is a total science nut, and would be one of the last people in the world to say that science is witchcraft.)


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