And the cow says… MOO!

Sorry, we’ve been reading far more children’s books than adult’s books lately. But it relates to my quick post of the day. For some reason over the past week or so, if I have the north-facing windows open, I will quite clearly hear a bellowing cow. The nearest ones I know of are a handful that were brought from some higher pastures to some pastures that are in between the line of houses of our area and the wooded walking trails. Like this guy:

And he’s probably a half a mile away! I guess that the acoustics of living on the side of a hill account for some of it, and that the cows here are just really loud.


One thought on “And the cow says… MOO!

  1. I especially love “fuzzy” cows. When we were motorcycling in Switzerland in 2003, one of my favorite things to see and hear were the cows, the mooing and the clanging of cow bells as the cows wandered on the mountains. So peaceful and soothing. There were herds of cows conveniently located at most our our mountaintop stops.


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