Unexpected Christmas Difficulties

He may be a little young for it, but we decided to get our son a toddler bike similar to this one:

Most kids here learn to ride a bike this way, and they start as a toddler. He might not use it much until this spring, but since there are such a wide variety of these bikes we wanted to get him one while we were here and had the means to ship it home.

I found a model on sale at one of the larger local stores, and need to do some grocery shopping. I lugged back my groceries and this large box with the bike in it as well as one of those “doodle-pads” (the latter of which we hope to use to keep him occupied on the plane). And it was raining and cold. It was one of the rare times I wished I had a car.

As soon as I walked in the door my overly excited husband started opening up the box. He’s really loving being a father, and can’t wait to help his son ride a bike. Being Switzerland, he of course found instructions in German, Italian, and French. “Good luck, honey,” I said as I went to put my groceries away. I’m pretty proud of him, though. Using only the pictures, and asking me for help with one word in French, he put the wee bike together.


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Christmas Difficulties

  1. Looks like a great bike!! Your little guy is going to love it. (when he starts to ride). I know little wee kids riding bikes at three, they are so cute!

    Good job hubby, for being so talented at putting the bike together. !!

    I love hearing of your stories Kris..thanks for sharing them.



  2. I’m so excited to get Elodie a little bike next year…. Eddie will be riding it before he’s 2, especially with those long legs of his! He’ll be cruising up and down the driveway before you know it!


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