Our Schedule…

In case anyone wants to know how crazy things are, and how you might be able to fit in and help…


17/18 – phone calls about bills, packing
19 – get back and give back loaned items
20 – Westfield family Christmas (take 1)
21 – shopping for stuff to ship home, packing
22 – laundry and final packing (could use a baby wrangler, might as my neighbor Roz)
23 – shippers take away 99% of our things, Rosie flies home, Dinner at Regina and Werner’s
24 – dinner @ Stacy and Oliver’s
25/26 – possibly taking a day trip somewhere in Switzerland
27 – going away party
28 – possibly taking a day trip somewhere in Switzerland
29 – laundry, packing, give away all remaining food
30 – flight home, parents picking us up at IAH

31 – IKEA, grocery store


1 – REST ! Unpack just a little, and put together things from IKEA (namely the dresser I need to get), Westfield family Christmas (take 2, this time with grandparents).
2 – UNPACK SHIPPING CRATE AND POD – both should be in in our driveway by then. Anyone in the Houston area welcome to come by in the morning and help. I say Houston area because we have limited crash space because my parents are staying with us for a few days; floor and one air mattress available, but probably not advisable, as we need room to shuffle boxes, etc. (nice run-on, Krys)
3 – unpack, shop for clothes for H and jeans for me.
4 – H goes back to work, I continue to unpack.

early January: I go back to work part-time (possibly? Sharon needs to let me know when to start)

mid-January: welcome back gathering at our place, weekend trip to Dallas to get Jake (our other dog) and see friends and family, MIL visits?

late-January: San Jose to see my new baby nephew.

Early to mid February: Possible road trip (just Eddie and I) to destinations north and east to see friends and family. Hope to get to see my grandpa on this trip.


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