Tomball German Festival

On March 28, we decided to go to the Tomball German Heritage Festival. It was a nice day out, but didn’t live up to our expectations in the least. I didn’t even take any pictures of the festival itself, aside from a few of our son climbing on a permanent exhibit in the park of a red caboose. Since we have recently moved back to Texas after living in the German part of Switzerland for 18 months, we were eager to feed some of our cravings for German food and beer, and maybe even pick up some other goodies like sausage or cheese. No such luck.

The festival is free, and so is the parking (or it was for 2010 – if you are planning on going in 2011, you might want to check the festival information website). There were a small handful of booths that were selling German-themed items. Most were things that you would see in any tourist shop or airport in Germany. The rest of the booths were selling all kinds of odds and ends that you see at any other festival: clothing, raffle tickets to support various charities, timeshare scams (we almost got roped into one of those), and one very nice local artist that was selling gorgeous jewelry (got a gift for my mother there).

Since the festival is primarily sponsored by ZiegenBock (a Texas beer that got bought out by Anheuser-Busch), that was the main beer, along with several other US beers. No, there weren’t any true German beers at the festival, despite their availability in the US. Disappointing, but we can get decent German beer at our local grocery store. Continue reading