I’m taking a break from inputting our old travelogues and related pictures to write another current travelogue. Once I get caught up with everything, my posts won’t be so disorganized. For now I’ve got a few little tidbits I want to jot down before I forget.

On Saturday, as we were walking back from the bus stop up to our flat, a gentleman in a very classic car (I’m guessing 1930’s) drove by. It was a convertible, and in the back seat was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wearing old-fashioned driving goggles, hanging its head over the side, and looking like it was having an utter blast. I wish I’d had my camera out for that. The dog had the same coloring as our Cavalier, Rosie. I miss her to pieces.

The Swiss version of our Independence Day is coming up on August 1st. The Swiss started celebrating this holiday in 1891, which is the 600th anniversary of the Federal Charter of 1291 which originally brought local groups together to form the earliest version of the country of Switzerland (several other cantons were added later. I’m just agog that I’m living in a country that was formed over 700 years ago! My favorite bakery that I usually go to already has a line of Swiss flags across its windows and on my last visit was selling something called Augustweisse, which are these odd little cake/biscuit thingies that seem to be a traditional item for the day. I think we might go somewhere to see fireworks or something, but otherwise, it looks like just a paid holiday at home for us.