I am behind quite a bit in noting our travel and adventures here in Switzerland. I’m trying to slowly but surely catch up, but no promises.

Last August, when my friends from The Netherlands came for a visit, one of the places we explored was Baden. Heath had to work, but the baby, my two friends and I headed out early.

Our first point of interest was a church…. There were a lot of interesting features on the exterior of the church, including a stone carving of a rather gruesome death skull. There was also a huge, well, thing – not quite sure what it was used for. It was a protrusion from the church, about 8 or 10 feet up with big barn-like doors on it. I forgot to get a picture of it, but I do have a picture of the death scenes on the base of the structre:

Unfortunately when we arrived the main clock tower was under renovation. But they had a really cool cover over the renovation mimicking the tower itself.

Like most old towns in Switzerland, Baden has a collection of beautiful old homes and buildings. Baden is most famous for its covered bridge; it is a beautiful work of art and engineering.

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Baden, the Rheinfall, and Schaffhausen

I’m very much behind on my travelogue, and unfortunately, don’t have time to write in full detail about my excursions with my lovely pals Marjolein and Matthjis. Today (in just a few minutes, actually) we’re leaving on a train to go down to Lake Geneva as a belated wedding anniversary trip. We’re staying in Montreaux, and will be exploring castles, wineries, and the other delights of the “Swiss Riviera” for three whole days (a very short vacation by Swiss standards, though).

I’ve not updated the website yet, but here are links to the pictures I took while out and about in Switzerland a few weeks ago. I didn’t take any pictures in Zurich, but we had a lovely time there.

In Baden, there is a gorgeous covered bridge that is the main highlight of the city. There are also natural hot springs, but we couldn’t figure out how to get to the free baths. We did take a long walk along the river, though, and that was relaxing. It reminded me a little of the Guadalupe in Texas where, up until this year, we used to go innertubing with our friends in an annual trip. Here are the pictures I took in Baden.

While Heath and I had been to Schaffhausen before, I’d not yet viewed the Rheinfalls from the more popular side. I went alone last time to the other side, and it was pretty amazing, but it didn’t even compare to my experience on the other side. The noise, the power, and the hypnotic flow of the water was just amazing! And you can get SO CLOSE to the water that you could almost touch it as it cascaded over the rocks. We also spent some time in Schaffhausen, one of our favorite towns, which is right next to the falls. Pictures can be found here.

Gotta run! Have a train to catch!!!