Blueberries! (and Eggs, and Flowers, too)

As usual, life has kept me busy, and my energy and brain cells are sapped trying to outsmart a toddler. Oh well!

Recently, I had two opportunities to go blueberry picking with my closest friends here in Switzerland (both of whom are also mommies).

I haven’t gone berry picking since I was a kid living on the east coast of the US, so this was a real treat. Both times we went, we were threatened with rain, but had a lot of fun anyway. The kids explored and ate blueberries right off the bush, and met a very friendly Bernese Mountain dog (very popular Swiss dog, and originally bred here by monks in the mountains).

The blueberries were huge and delicious, and just falling off the branches. Edward ate whatever he could reach, whether they were ripe or not. Back at our flat, my husband and son were pigs over the blueberries (hence the second trip), but I managed to stow away several parcels of blueberries in the future. We’ve had blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins (Nigella Lawson’s recipe is excellent, btw), and I’ve got another bag left that I’m going to use on a recipe for blueberry sweet buns (like cinnamon buns, only filled with blueberries instead of raisins). Continue reading


Do you know where your eggs come from?

I do!

Most of egg packages here in Switzerland have a code printed on the inside. Our eggs this week happen to come from the nearby town of Neftenbach. We went there recently for their annual festival, and 800th year anniversary of the town. I can also tell you that my eggs came from a guy named Beat Möckli.

Also, eggs aren’t really sold as brown or white – it’s whatever is available is what you get. There are generally only two sizes of eggs, too. You can get ones that are above 53 g or below.   The smaller ones are less expensive, but man, are they tiny! And overall, eggs are nearly twice as much as eggs bought in Texas.

There is one thing that I don’t understand about eggs. The egg tray that was provided for us only holds nine eggs – Swiss eggs are sold 10 to a carton.

See? I have to put the extra egg up on the side. So strange.