New Pictures

I know these won’t interest everyone, but I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed that I was able to put my son in my grandmother’s arms. Most of the pictures are of family, but there’s some of Eddie’s first dip in the pool, his first airplane ride, and some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins being goofy. These were all taken in New York. It was just an incredibly important weekend for me.

I was trying to upload pictures of Zurich that we took last weekend, but Flickr crapped out on me, and it is nearly midnight here and I’m exhausted. The baby has been fussy and we just got internet, and I’ve hardly had time to play on it. Got to see my wee Rosie via web cam, though, and that made me cry.

I am trying to find time to get our website up, and write, etc, but I spend a lot of time walking about the town, and taking care of the baby. Everything seems to be on a 45 degree angle, practically, so my calves are already rock solid (here’s hoping the rest of my body does that).